Club Instructors

John Griffin

John Griffin, our Chief Flying Instructor, started flying light aircraft over 40 years ago and has been an instructor for 35 of them. John served in the Royal Air Force as an engineer in places as far afield as Malaysia and Borneo, flying light aircraft in the testing conditions of the tropics. A qualified helicopter pilot, John's also got hours on Spitfires, flown in Hawker Hunters and has even flown aircraft for film and television shows. John is also an examiner for both flight and ground examinations.

Roger Milburn

Roger Milburn, our Deputy Chief Flying Instructor, also has many years of flying experience in light aircraft; he retired from the RAF having flown and instructed on Hercules aircraft, latterly at Lyneham. He is also the CFI at RAF Lyneham Flying Club; his helpfulness, cooperation and guidance to our fledgling operation has been much appreciated by all.

Stuart Rutter

Stuart Rutter started flying in 2000 and went on to complete his commercial licence and instructor's rating in 2004. Stuart has flown a wide variety of aircraft, from passenger carrying to light freight and air taxi work, while continuing to instruct private pilots.

Mike Grierson

Mike Grierson was a flight navigator in the Royal Air Force and on retirement worked at the Civil Aviation Authority for many years, where he literally wrote the book on light aircraft training standards and approvals. He is a senior flight examiner, which allows him not only to train and examine new pilots but also to train and examine flight instructors. An instructor's instructor.